Saturday, April 9, 2011

Balance Check?

Nearly everything in my job is about finance....tracking income and expenses, budgeting,...balancing the checkbook.
In my personal life, however....I am a constantly failed experiment in diligence with financial matters. I will shamefully confess I have attempted to make a habit of checkbook balancing nearly every month, and fallen off the wagon within the first 2 weeks.

But, as I am characteristically unwilling to admit defeat...I have not given up the fight just yet! I've started again this month...This time employing the help of an excellently designed budgeting program recommended by a good friend of mine. :) Yes,sir. I have high hopes for this. (Don't you dare roll your eyes.)

But anyway, as I've pondered why this attempt might have better results than the multitude of failed ones on my record, I've discovered some beautifully appropriate applications of the whole concept of checkbook balancing....Perfectly metaphorical, of course.

That leads me to the purpose of this blog.

See....Keeping records in my checkbook is a fairly important way to keep tabs on the consistency, integrity, appropriateness, and availability of my income and spending. When it comes time to balance it against my bank statement, I'm forced to face any hidden costs, or secretive shopping in which I may have indulged. I must immediately reckon with the results of the way I've chosen to invest my rather minimal funds. And I must take a sober look at the way what I've taken in has covered and prepared for what I've spent. At the end, I see what I've done and where I need work, and I ask myself some important questions:

Where's my cash?
Am I balanced?
How am I investing my funds?
What does that say about the balance in my income and spending?
Am I  doing alright, or teetering on the edge of financial disaster?

Similarly, I'm setting forth with this blog for the purpose of....checking my balance. Asking some important questions:

Where's my soul?
Am I balanced?
How am I investing my life?
What does that say about the balance of my life with the Lord?
Am I  doing alright, or teetering on the edge of disaster?

Perhaps we all need a balance check from time to time.